Roof Boards

Natural and durable roof boards made of Siberian larch.   When ordering at least €300 +km, transport within Estonia (except islands) is FREE! 


Why choose a roof board made of Siberian larch?

  • Naturally durable - no chemical treatment required
  • Dense and uniform structure - belongs to hard wood species
  • High production standards - high-quality processing guaranteed
  • Environmentally friendly - can be used in projects where chemically treated materials are not allowed
  • Beautiful appearance - looks aesthetic
  • You save time and money - the life is long

We generally sort roof boards into two classes AB and C AB is whole-branched and defect-free roof board C quality material is mainly graded planing of its class due to defects and fallen branches. In the case of project sales, prices are negotiable. Possibility to order other cross-sections and lengths. .

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Larger project? Didn't find a suitable size?

For larger projects, please ask for personalized offers. We can provide customized options upon agreement.
Pay conveniently and quickly in installments - €0 contract fee! Successful completion of ESTO installment orders is as fast and convenient as paying with a bank link. To confirm the order and see the personal conditions and to successfully complete the purchase, digitally sign the installment agreement using an ID card, Smart-ID or Mobile-ID.

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