Siberian Larch

While becoming more and more popular, products made from Siberian larch are a package combining both design and style, as well as strength, durability and high quality ‒ which is even more important!

Siberian Larch is mostly used outdoors, for instance:
Facades of private and public buildings
Terraces and balconies
Siberian larch is a very durable and stylish roof material
Gardens and playgrounds
Boat landings and footbridges
Special structures in contact with the ground
Installation of floors
Siberian larch has even been used for boats and yachts
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Due to its density and a high tar and resin content, Siberian larch is very durable outdoors, even without additional treatment. Siberian larch is a strong and dense timber. Average density at a moisture content of 12% is 665 (620–725) kg/m3. The specific gravity for raw timber is 900–1100 kg/m3. Siberian larch is one of the trees with the best weatherproof qualities. This is due to its special resin content.

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