You can pay for goods/services with LHV's affordable installment payment in parts. Complete the application HERE or in our office and we will make you an offer right away.


You can choose the monthly payment size and repayment period that suits you

Purchase amount 12 months 24 months 36 months 48 months
300€ 27€ 15€ 11€
500€ 45€ 24€ 18€ 14€
1000€ 91€ 49€ 35€ 28€
3000€ 272€ 147€ 105€ 85€

These are rounded sample monthly payments in euros, when the interest rate is 15.9%. The exact monthly payment is agreed upon in the contract.

Installment payment terms



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Installment payment is offered by AS LHV Finance. Check the terms of installment payment in the store or at Consult an expert if necessary. The interest rate of the installment payment is 19.91% per year under the following example conditions: credit amount 600 euros, down payment 0%, interest 15.9% per year, contract fee 19.9 euros, repayment period 36 months, payment in monthly annuity payments.

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