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Siberian Larch

While becoming more and more popular, products made from Siberian larch are a package combining both design and style, as well as strength, durability and high quality ‒ which is even more important!

Siberian Larch is mostly used outdoors, for instance:

  • facades of private and public buildings 
  • terraces and balconies
  • Siberian larch is a very durable and stylish roof material
  • gardens and playgrounds
  • boat landings and footbridges
  • special structures in contact with the ground 
  • installation of floors
  • Siberian larch has even been used for boats and yachts

Due to its density and a high tar and resin content, Siberian larch is very durable outdoors, even without additional treatment. Siberian larch is a strong and dense timber. Average density at a moisture content of 12% is 665 (620–725) kg/m3. The specific gravity for raw timber is 900–1100 kg/m3. Siberian larch is one of the trees with the best weatherproof qualities. This is due to its special resin content.

Characteristic facts and parameters of larch

* Specific gravity for larch: 900–1100 kg/m3
  • Density:900-1100 kg/m3

  • Flexibility:54,1–79,9 MPa

  • Pressure resistance:33,7–40,6 MPa

  • Tensile strength:78,8–90,2 MPa

Siberian larch grows up to 20–70 metres high

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