Unedged Saw-timber

The quality of unedged material is one of the highest in the list of products made from Siberian larch. Unedged timber is cut from the first, and in exceptional cases also from the second trunk of a tree.

The trunk selected should have a diameter starting from 36 cm, the distance between annual rings is limited and should not exceed 1.5‒2 mm. Thanks to this, the quality of sawn timber meets the requirements of class A and up to 30% of the material may be knot-free. Unedged material is mostly used as raw material in the laminated timber industry. It is also used by carpenters and furniture manufacturers. It has become very popular to manufacture outdoor furniture from Siberian larch.

Sorting conditions for unedged material.

Project sale prices to be agreed.
Other cross-sections and lengths possible.
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