Roof Boards

Durable and natural roof boards can only be made from Siberian larch.

Why choose roof boards from Siberian larch?

  • Naturally durable ‒ no chemical treatment required
  • Dense and even structure ‒ a hard tree species
  • High production standards ‒ high-quality reprocessing guaranteed
  • Environmentally friendly ‒ can be used in projects where no chemical treatment is allowed
  • Beautiful ‒ an aesthetically pleasing look
  • Saves time and money ‒ long life

Roof boards are usually sorted into two classes: AB and C

AB has undamaged knots and no defects.

C class quality has planing defects or knots that have fallen out.

Project sale prices to be agreed.
Other cross-sections and lengths are possible.
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The price depends on the cross-section and the amount!

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