Larch shingles

A shingle roof is one of the oldest roof types with long traditions and know-how passed on from one generation to the other. 

Why choose a shingle roof from Siberian larch?

  • Naturally durable ‒ no chemical treatment required
  • Dense and even structure ‒ a hard tree species
  • High-quality raw material ‒ the trunk selected has grown in the coldest regions
  • Age of raw material ‒ starting from 300 years and distance between annual rings up to 1.5 mm
  • Look ‒ very exclusive and becoming even more beautiful over time
  • Versatile ‒ often used as façade and interior design element 

Roof shingles are usually cut from a block in three ways: radial, semiradial and tangential shingle. Smaller lengths starting from 250 mm are usually radial and the longest 600-mm shingles are tangential shingles. 

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