An outdoor handrail from Siberian larch is the best and right choice.

Why choose handrails from Siberian larch?

  • Naturally durable ‒ no chemical treatment required
  • Dense and even structure ‒ a hard tree species
  • High production standards ‒ high-quality reprocessing guaranteed
  • Environmentally friendly ‒ can be used in projects where no chemical treatment is allowed
  • Beautiful ‒ an aesthetically pleasing look
  • Saves time and money ‒ long life

Handrails are usually sorted into three classes: AB, ABC and C.

AB has undamaged knots and no defects.

ABC can be used when the length of handrail has not been defined and it can be optimised and joined during installation. 

C class quality has planing defects or knots that have fallen out; however, the strength qualities of a handrail made from this class is equal to higher classes. Depending on the location, the defects might not be visible, and the handrail can be optimised and joined, if possible. 

Project sale prices to be agreed.
Other cross-sections and lengths are possible.
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