We supply Siberian larch as unedged, saw timber, decking, cladding etc.

Our mission is to deliver high quality larch to our European clients.
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Why Choose Siberian Larch?

Larch (Larix) is a family of deciduous coniferous trees in the order of pinales. Larch is tall with a straight trunk and thin crown requiring much light. In the northern temperate zone, especially in the taigas of Canada and Russia, larch is one of the most widespread trees forming large wood massives. The beautiful grain of larch is similar to the feather of precious woods; however, the price is near the level of spruce and pine.

Naturally durable and environmentally friendly - no chemical treatment required

Dense and evenly structured - belongs to the category of hard woods

weather and rot resistant wood

Beautiful in appearance - looks aesthetic

Long lifespan - saving you time and finances

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